Details of the arrangements for funding capital works in schools and academies will be announced at the beginning of 2017.  In 2016, NRCDES was given a formula allocation from the Condition Improvement Fund to spend across eleven academies and we anticipate a similar arrangement for 2017/18.   In 2016/17, LCVAP and DFC allocations have been held at similar levels to previous years, allowing for changes to the number of schools becoming academies.  The Condition Improvement Fund ran only one bidding round.


Schools and academies considering making applications for funding capital projects in 2017/18 should contact Ken Daly to discuss their plans before they engage in any formal discussions with consultants or architects.  Proposals should be submitted via the attached Proposal Form.


Guidance on the planning and management of a capital project can be found elsewhere in this section of our website or is available from Ken Daly.  Schools and academies are reminded that no capital work can be undertaken without the consent of the Trustees.


Requests from Voluntary Aided Schools for details of DFC payments or up to date balance statements can be made to Jennifer Charleson on 01332 293833 x 204 or  Jennifer will also be the person to contact relating to payments from the Condition Improvement Formula Allocation.


Download this file (ProposalForm1718.docx)ProposalForm1718.docx