The following materials serve to assist with differentiation within the 'Come and See' programme.

Within each section you will find the activities which relate to each Learning Focus for every Year group.

I have levelled each of these and then assigned the correct Attainment Target and strand (e.g. AT1 (ii) - Level 3).

My suggestion is that teachers can then choose activities based on the actual AT level as well as related strand.

In response to the level of challenge for both teachers and pupils alike within Years 5 and 6 I have further developed the above approach and produced planning for the Summer term which ensures differentiation and appropriate coverage (see below).

I have done this through choosing one activity within each Learning Focus and then levelling that task three, sometimes four ways.

You will also find some very useful references and website links within these planning materials.

If you require any further guidance with this then do please email me at;