To support our schools and governors we have produced the attached New Governor Induction Policy.

This provides a suggested structure for induction of new governors. It sets out what as a minimum should be covered in the briefing session with the Headteacher, provides a list of essential documents that the school should ensure the governor has access to and provides a checklist for the governor themselves to use through the process. Schools are able to tailor and adapt the policy.

Any questions about the content of the policy or any issues arising should be directed to:


Neil Weightman 01332293833 ext 211




Governor Training 2015

In 2015 we have the following training sessions planned on being a Foundation Governor in a Catholic school. These are open to all serving governors or anyone who is interested in becoming a governor and wants to know more.

The details are:
6.30-8.30pm, Thursday 23rd April, Our Lady of Lincoln Parish Centre, Laughton Way, Lincoln
6.30-8.30pm, Tuesday 16th June, The Diocesan Centre, Mornington Crescent, Mackworth, Derby
6.30-8.30pm, Thursday 17th September, Holy Family Academy, Cleethorpes

More dates will be added for later in the year and we are always willing to discuss arranging courses for groups of schools in other parts of the Diocese.

If you wish to attend any of the sessions please either email Helen Helan at or call on 01332 293833.


Anyone interested in becoming a Foundation Governor can find more information and an expression of interest form at


A clarification of the roles and responsibilities for England and Wales

This note provides guidance on terms of office for Governors in Catholic Voluntary Aided Schools, Voluntary Academies and Sponsored Academies within the Diocese of Nottingham.

Please use the attached form to notify NRCDES when a vacancy arises.


Guidance for Governing Bodies of VA Schools and Academies on the Election of Chair and Vice-Chair

The positions of Chair and Vice -Chair within either a VA school or an Academy must be filled by a Foundation Governor. 

Academies through their Scheme of Delegation are requiring to hold elections for Chairs and Vice-Chairs of local governing bodies annually and these must take place at the first meeting in the Autumn Term.

VA schools may appoint Chairs and Vice-Chairs for terms of between 1 and 4 years.  Elections therefore may not be required annually but when they are it is recommended that they also take place at the first meeting of the Autumn term.  

Governing Bodies are free to decide how they want to elect their Chair and Vice-Chair but it is good practice to agree the system they will use in advance.

  • You should decide whether nominations for office will only be accepted prior to the meeting in time to include nominations on the agenda, or simply made at the meeting and whether the ballot is to be undertaken by a show of hands or a secret ballot.
  • If an election is contested there should always be a secret ballot.
  • Governors may self-nominate.
  • Candidates should leave the room when voting takes place.
  • For VA schools, the term of office should be decided before the vote. The election of a Chair of Governors can be for a period of up to four years but must not be for less than one year.
  • The Governing Body must meet and the decision relating to these appointments must be made in the Governing Body meeting by those present and voting. The Governing Body must be quorate. Officers cannot be “elected” informally, by letter, e-mail or by proxy voting.

Other points:

  • Appointments to the Chair should be made at the first meeting following notification that the Chair is vacant
  • Governors who are paid to work at the school in any capacity cannot take on the role of either Chair or Vice-Chair
  • The Chair or Vice-Chair must resign their position if they accept a paid appointment at the school.

 Academies will find further information on the election or Chairs and Vice Chairs within their Scheme of Delegation but any questions relating to this issue for either Academies or VA schools can be addressed to the NRCDES Governor Support Team: or