CES School Staff HR policies
All Diocesan schools and academies are required to adopt and follow the latest model HR policies and procedures developed by the Catholic Education Service for England and Wales (CES). The suite of policies cover;

• Sick Absence 
• Performance Management and Appraisal
• Capability
• Disciplinary
• Grievance

The policies are the product of extensive work by the CES legal team. They have been prepared to reflect the particular circumstances of Catholic schools. Their use in Catholic schools and academies is therefore mandatory.

We are aware that some of our schools are still not using the CES policies. If this is the case in your school you must adopt the CES policies and introduce them in your school as soon as possible. Your HR provider (LA or private) will need to be briefed on the use of the policies and you will be required to undertake a short local consultation process with staff and local trade unions so please contact the NRCDES for support and advice on how to proceed.

The full suite of model policies and associated template letters are available to download at:


The model policies are appropriate for use in both schools and academies.  Reference is made to “school” throughout as a general description of the educational establishment whether it is a school or academy.

For multi-academy trusts the documents do need to be varied slightly to reflect their governance arrangements, in particular reflecting where authority has been delegated to local governing boards or retained at a more central level. Therefore revised documents for multi-academy trusts are available direct on request from the NRCDES.

CES school staff contracts of employment
Similarly all Catholic schools and academies should ensure that they use the model CES contracts of employment.  Again these have been prepared by the CES specifically for use in Catholic schools and academies and their use is mandatory.

We are very concerned that it seems that some Diocesan Schools and Academies are still not using the CES contracts. If you are not already doing so you must take steps to begin using them as soon as possible. Schools should check that they are using the latest CES contracts.

Again the latest versions of the contracts are available from the CES website:


Also the CES website has an online Contract Generator which enables tailored versions of the contracts to be produced. This facility can also be used by the schools HR provider if they produce the contracts ready for signing by the school. Log-ins can be arranged where required.

If you are not using the CES contracts then please contact the NRCDES for advice on how to proceed.

Neil Weightman


01332293833 x211