The Education Service manages admission appeals for a large number of Catholic schools across the diocese. We need to be able to call on lay people and people who have experience in education for appeal hearings.


Lay Members must not have any professional educational background. Parents and school governors who do not work in education can be Lay Members but will not be used for appeals at their own schools or in their own immediate areas. Professional Members work in  the education service currently or recently.

As a panel member, you will need to have a friendly manner and to be able to listen to the case put forward by parents and schools. As a member of a panel of three you will need the ability to make a balanced judgement based on the facts. You do not need to have detailed knowledge of the law relating to admissions but training in the basic principles will be provided. All panel members are volunteers but you will be able to claim travel expenses.

If you would like further information, please contact us on 01332 293 833 or email