As the new school year starts, this is a short summary of what we do and who we are:

We arrange and manage admission appeals for admission authorities. During the recent summer term we dealt with over 300 appeals for diocesan schools. CSAS have seven trained clerks and a pool of around 50 panel members and are independent of the Diocesan Education Service.

What we do

  • We ensure that all parents receive a fair and equal admission appeal hearing for their child/children at the school of their preference.
  • We ensure that all regulations and codes are adhered to before, during and after the hearing.
  • We ensure that all panel members and clerks receive appropriate training to enable them to carry out their role professionally, efficiently, and within the law.
  • We offer independent and impartial advice to headteachers and governing bodies on the admission appeals process and also to parents who have lodged admission appeals.
  • We collate and dispatch appeal hearing agendas and papers to panel members, clerks, schools and parents within set time periods, as detailed in the School Admission Appeals Code.
  • We organise and arrange the appeal hearing in an appropriate venue
    We inform parents and schools of appeals decisions promptly and efficiently

Who we are

Appeals Officer:             Anna Zimand

Appeals Administrator:    Julie Sweeney   Phone: 01332 293 833

Clerks:  Roger Hancock, Margaret Shanahan, Derek Ogden, Anna Zimand, Brenda Whittaker, Christopher Cox.


Catholic Schools:     Costs vary according to local authority arrangements. In some areas, all costs are paid centrally. In others funds for admissions and appeals are delegated to the school

Other Schools:   We charge a set fee depending on the number of appeals. Details on request

For all appeals, your first point of contact is Julie Sweeney at The Diocesan Centre.